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Indian Farmers Protest is a Farce…

The interesting thing about this whole thing is 1. Agriculture/Farming has long ceased to be a profitable pursuit, inputs are costly, 2. water availablity is uncertain (they mostly opt for water-intensive crops like sugar-cane and plantains), 3. labour needs are … Continue reading

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Is Punjab a ‘country within a country’ ?

Has Punjab always been a ‘country with a country’?  My take … Ranjit Singh , a one-time king – he lived only in his harem – never ruled, yet he was king.   It is no different now.   All laws of India apply there, but … Continue reading

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What PMs References to Mukesh Ambani Reveal ?

Agree broadly with Venu’s observations.   In any democracy, more so in an under-developed one like India, people’s expectations are high, always unsatiated.   It is easy to kindle their hopes – Modi did this well during his campaigns – … Continue reading

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