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Karna, the hero in the Hindu epic, the Mahābhārata – Demystified

Karna is an ‘enigma wrapped in mystery’, as they say.   I have wondered why Vyasa introduced him at all, as a character in the Mahabharata, he serves no ostensible purpose in the plot, but then, Vyasa was no ordinary genius, … Continue reading

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De-stress Indian public sector banks

Picture of a time-bomb along with the news is apt. Yes, if any organisation will destruct Indian economy, hold up its progress and perpetuate the vulgar disparity in the incomes of the average Indian, it is the ‘publc sector banks’ … Continue reading

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Indian Faith

It may sound outrageous at the outset, but the fact is that the ‘Indian Faith’ (the British called it Hinduism in order to, successfully,  create a permanent divide betwen us and Moslems) is a ‘Godless’ one..   Yet we worship … Continue reading

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The power of pardon

Mr. Raghavan’s (Hindu Business Line – Power of pardon) masterly analysis brings out a very important aspect of ‘the theory of punishment’, but ignores two other vital aspects i.e. that punishment should  also do ‘retributive justice’ by assuaging the feelings … Continue reading

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Constitutional role of the Chief Justice of India.

It is somewhat surprising that a question is being raised by the SC itself on the exact status of the Chief Justice of India.   The constitution  contains the answer. Article 124 (1) says ” There shall be a Supreme … Continue reading

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Land Bill: Centre likely to take ordinance route again over lack of consensus

Sadly, our Parliamentary system is faulty, it is, at least as of now, founded on the premise of ‘confrontationist’ rather than ‘competitive’ politics. The blame rests more with the BJP than with any other. While in opposition untl last year, … Continue reading

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No, Dr Shashi Tharoor – Britain Does NOT Owe Reparations

I disagree with Dr. Shashi Tharoor. While it is true that the British were highly purposeful, motivated and even selfish, their methodology in India sustains to this day, in many walks of life.   Positively too, the British-rule of 200 … Continue reading

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