Bomb Hiroshima Changed the World

Cannot help mention that, but for the atom bomb, our World to-day would have been very different.   Democracy would have disappeared, back to ‘might is right’.
I lived through the second World War years, the contempt for other nations that Germany and Japan had needed to be seen to believe.   To-day the constitutions of both these countries have a declaraton that they will never, ever, rear an army or go to war with any other nation.   I can see a different world to-day, where, mostly, reason prevails, debates have a place, dissent is permitted.   All this change resulted from the dropping of the bomb in Hiroshima.
Our mythology is full of such instances where The Lord incarnates to destroy evil forces to restore some kind of equilibrium in society, kind of checks and balances.   The ‘bomb’ was one such.
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“Konthikku Kulam Naasthi”

Pattar is a term of much respect, it was the Zamorin of Calicut who gave this title to very wealthy, aristocratic Iyers, in his service, as advisors, treasurers etc.   Thus we had Swaminatha Pattar Kariakkar (my friend Swaminathan’s grand-father), Eena Samu Pattar, Banker from Pallipuram, Govindarajapuram Rama Pattar (land-lord), Mahadeva Pattar (Kumararapuram), my Periya-manni-s grand-father, Vilayannur Appu Pattar, banker (my friend Rajappan’s father) etc.
Yes, at school, some Nair boys used the term ‘pattar’ to tease us, we used to respond saying ‘konthi’ ( adding a mischievous sloka – konthikku kulam naasthi).   I feel, the term is in disuse because not many know the origin.
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Maya to Moksha – The Magic of Maya & Marvellous Reality

‘Reality’ is all-pervasive ONE AND ONLY (Brahman), it includes ‘Maya’ also, the deluding potency.   In the language of science it is ‘matter’, subject to and limited by its properties, having a beginning and end.   ‘Maya’ misleads us to misunderstand it as the one to be cherished and sought for, ‘Moksha’ is the right understanding of the equation between the two.
When you build any super-structure like a multi-tier complex or overbridge etc. you cannot do without erecting the needed scaffolding.   nd, there is a whole science on how to erect the same for various purposes.  Once the building is ‘realised’, the scaffolding turns to be an obstacle to be eliminated.   The building process could have  continued only with the help of the scaffolding, it is inevitable.
Vedanta calls ‘Reality’ as ‘Vidya’ and ‘Maya’ as ‘Avidya’  a facilitator.   Our Upanishads, especially, the ISA, KATHA, MUNDAKA, CHHANDOGYA discuss this topic in detail, they deride and ridicule those who concentrate on Maya, call them ‘mad’, ‘blind’ etc., and warn that they will be caught in the endless cycle of ‘samsara’ (regenerating existence).
All religions, all the Vedas and Sastras, Smritis and Puranas belong to this category, they are no passage to destination., only tickets entitling the process of journeying.   For example, neither the pass-port nor tickets will ‘ipso facto’ reach you to destination, they only support the journeying process.
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The mimetic, the mythic and the theoretic

I want to refer to the Upanishadic wisdom of ‘Vidya’ (Science) and ‘Avidya’ (Nescience). The first facilitates and leads to the other. To illustrate, use boat to cross a river, the ladder to climb, the scaffolding to build or the pole to vault higher and higher. Once, you cross over, the aids get jettisoned, they have to. You cannot do away without these aids. But, you need to ONLY use them to cross-over to the goal/destination. Religion is also one such tool. We need to find it a respectable place in life, all the time realising the transitoriness of Religion. The Upanishads distinguish these as ‘the Real’ and ‘the ‘Phenomenal’. After a certain stage, we must discard the tool like we do to the pole-vault, boat or, scaffolding…

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Endless Cycle of Birth, Death & Re-Birth

When a salt-doll jumps into the sea, what happens to it? Same fate awaits when a soul merges in Brahman, it no more has identity other than Brahman.

On an international flight or passenger-ship, there are several hundred passengers bound for varied destinations and purposes, the cabin crew and the Captain in the cock-pit, in control.. Besides, there are hundreds of back-room staff performing related services at the air-ports and ‘en route’ enabling points assisting the chain of operations. Some passengers re-settle elsewhere or in other countries (with permanent visas) without hope of returning, some travel on business, some for pleasure only for a few days.
Much the same way, our Universe is in a complex chain of movements, carrying its load of passengers and their possessions. Those like the Captain and staff keep shuttling between destinations, doing the same every time. They are caught in the unending chain of birth-death-rebirth for long, endure it just to exist. The business-like and pleasure seeking go to appropriate places like heaven or hell, to enjoy or suffer the fruits of their actions and thoughts here and, thereafter, return. The few with a well-earned immigrant visa go for ever and merge in the Lord’s community i.e. Brahman, never to be re-born.

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Supreme Court hear Sahara-SEBI refund dispute

Surprisingly, no one has laid claim to this money. Looks like there were no depositors, the entire thing was a hoax. Unique way to hide black-money, by showing fictitious deposits from non-existent persons and pretending to service it, systematically. Remember a factory work-man’s story of old. He used to cart out a wheel-barrow full of rubbish, everyday, as he was signing out. The security guard suspecting foul-play, checked thoroughly, could not find anything being smuggled. The day before he was to retire, he asked the work -man to tell him what he was gaining, and heard ‘ why, the wheel-barrows, of course’.

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The Deadly Global War for Sand

Could it be that enough research has not gone into converting desert- sand, say from Rajasthan and Thar, into acceptable buiding-quality sand? Whereas beach-sand is reportedly unfit to replace river-sand due to its bonding-incompatibility,, desert sand does not have this disadvangage. Would like this debated.

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