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This Hardik Patel will get the Order- of- the- boot ! Hardik Patel to launch nationwide protest

This boy is just a paper-tiger, the media delights in controversies, that’s all. The Constitution only talks of special care of the economically weaker sections, not of minorities or religious groups. The Congress created the vote-bank strategy to seduce the … Continue reading

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Is death penalty a terror deterrent?

Anil Divan (Hindu Business Line dated 22.08.2015) is an eminent lawyer, therefore, I am amazed that he should canvass for exempting ‘even terrorist-convicts, like Yakub Memon, from death penalty for the specious reason that ‘it may not only be ineffective, … Continue reading

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If Prime Minister Modi cannot help to realise our dreams, no one else can !

The Indian context, as I see it, is unprecedented.   The opposition parties are becoming, nationally, irrelevant, except as spokes in the wheel.   Their strategy has been to blackmail the ruling parties in Delhi and get away with murder. … Continue reading

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The First Sign a Government is Losing Its Nerve – No, Sekhar Gupta, I do NOT agree !

PM Modi’s Independence Day speech is likely to be a game-changer I have always had respect and admiration for Sekhar Gupta.   He is never flippant or sensational, is a good judge of events and the political environment.   But he seems under-estimating Modi … Continue reading

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Dear Government, Hands Off My Porn – Says, Shobhaa De

Upto a point, Shoba De is right, but she tries to hijack the debate away, to ‘a kind of taboo on sex as a whole’.    No one has as yet asked to peep into bed-rooms or ban sex, both official and … Continue reading

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Is our Universe fake?

I am trying to crack the code, along with all of you. The questions is:   Is the Sun there, therefore,  we see it? or  We see the Sun, therefore,  it is (must be) there? If it is the former, then hypothetically, we … Continue reading

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My encounter with Shirley Maclaine

Cannot forget it after 40 years and more. I was flying Delhi-Calcutta on an evening flight, reservations were very, very difficult.   My Travel Agent friend, somehow got me the booking,   As always, I got the window seat on one … Continue reading

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