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‘Plight of Palghat Iyers’ – M Lakshman Singh of Bharatiar University is Factually Incorrect

I am surprised that Prof. Singh has presented  totally and, factually, incorrect findings on the migration of Palghat Brahmins from Tamilnadu to Kerala.   Let me set the record straight. My family of Astrologers was among the first batches that … Continue reading

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Banks to feel the heat of bad loans for some more time, cautions RBI report

The Indian Banking system has built-in systemical handicaps. they can never, repeat never ever, get out of this syndrome of ‘bad debts’. Briefly, these result from (1) the random policies for granting loans in the first place; someone outside the … Continue reading

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Emergency Days: Facts Cannot Become Fiction in R.K.Dhawan’s Hands

Having lived through that period, also well-informed on the politics of those days, I know for sure that it was Indira Gandhi’s power-thirst that imposed the emergency. I knew Dhawan, clearly, his interview is engineered, to rehabilitate the Gandhi- family … Continue reading

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Global economy may be slipping into 1930s-like depression, warns Rajan

Global economy may be slipping into 1930s-like depression, warns Rajan While, broadly, agreeing, must recall that the ‘democratic India’ of to-day is totally different from the ‘exploited colonial India’ of the Great Depression years. The Malthusian prophesy of ‘disasterof numbers’ … Continue reading

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Dear Deepika, Great Hair and Exposed Bra Strap are Not Empowerment

Dear Deepika, Great Hair and Exposed Bra Strap are Not Empowerment Nature itself holds the answer to this debate, I think. Man and Woman are two sides of the same coin, integral to each other, they cannot stand apart and … Continue reading

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Kerala church questions yoga day celebrations on Sunday

The argument Catholic church sounds hollow, since there can be a ‘healthy mind only in a healthy body’.   Even to be able to pray on a Sunday, the Christian has to be in good health, therefore, care of the … Continue reading

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Monstrous galaxy spotted near the edge of the universe

The Rishis have said “ANATHAA VAI LOKAH”meaning ‘innumerable are the worlds’.   The more we discover, the more remains to discover.   They also said that the entire Universe is “mind stuff”, Einstein also said the same.   Just as … Continue reading

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