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Indian Farmers Protest is a Farce…

The interesting thing about this whole thing is 1. Agriculture/Farming has long ceased to be a profitable pursuit, inputs are costly, 2. water availablity is uncertain (they mostly opt for water-intensive crops like sugar-cane and plantains), 3. labour needs are … Continue reading

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The First Sign a Government is Losing Its Nerve – No, Sekhar Gupta, I do NOT agree !

PM Modi’s Independence Day speech is likely to be a game-changer I have always had respect and admiration for Sekhar Gupta.   He is never flippant or sensational, is a good judge of events and the political environment.   But he seems under-estimating Modi … Continue reading

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Make in India – The Unchained Elephant – Now, A Lion

India – The Unchained Elephant – Now, A Lion The elephant has size, stature, a distinct kind of majesty – it is the only animal that looks divine when caprisoned – and has terrific intelligence.  India is akin to an elephant. … Continue reading

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Land Bill: Centre likely to take ordinance route again over lack of consensus

Sadly, our Parliamentary system is faulty, it is, at least as of now, founded on the premise of ‘confrontationist’ rather than ‘competitive’ politics. The blame rests more with the BJP than with any other. While in opposition untl last year, … Continue reading

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