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How Sri Krishna Winds Up Sojourn On Earth

The concluding portions of Srimad Bhagavatham chronicles Sri Krishna’s plans to wind-up his sojourn on Earth to re-establish Dharma. Anxious to wind-up his clan and return to where He belonged, He sets up his own son Samba (with his meddling … Continue reading

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If Prime Minister Modi cannot help to realise our dreams, no one else can !

The Indian context, as I see it, is unprecedented.   The opposition parties are becoming, nationally, irrelevant, except as spokes in the wheel.   Their strategy has been to blackmail the ruling parties in Delhi and get away with murder. … Continue reading

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Is Punjab a ‘country within a country’ ?

Has Punjab always been a ‘country with a country’?  My take … Ranjit Singh , a one-time king – he lived only in his harem – never ruled, yet he was king.   It is no different now.   All laws of India apply there, but … Continue reading

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Emergency Days: Facts Cannot Become Fiction in R.K.Dhawan’s Hands

Having lived through that period, also well-informed on the politics of those days, I know for sure that it was Indira Gandhi’s power-thirst that imposed the emergency. I knew Dhawan, clearly, his interview is engineered, to rehabilitate the Gandhi- family … Continue reading

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