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Supreme Court hear Sahara-SEBI refund dispute

Surprisingly, no one has laid claim to this money. Looks like there were no depositors, the entire thing was a hoax. Unique way to hide black-money, by showing fictitious deposits from non-existent persons and pretending to service it, systematically. Remember … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Chief Justice of India – Jagdish Singh Kheha – MOCKERY OF JUSTICE IN INDIA

Is a court judgment so flimsy as to be negated by the bureaucracy?   Is the Court not feeling a hurt pride to its Majesty, and its motto of ” yatho dharma thathao jayah”? Continue reading

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Ayodhya Dispute – For Muslims, it is ‘heads I win, tails you lose’.

The Supreme Court has now hinted that it will uphold the Allahabad High Court verdict in favour of the temple, if the parties cannot agree mutually on a fair settlement. For the Muslims, it is ‘heads I win, tails you lose’. The Mullahs and clerics do not want to take the blame on themselves, so they ask for a court verdict which, if unfavourable, would not stick to them. Continue reading

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Chhota Rajan may be brought back today

It might be good to use him to get the otherwise inaccessible, strategic inputs about the other criminals in hiding, their hide-outs, weaknesses and strengths, who are their Indian collaborators etc. If he is pursued as a unit and punished, … Continue reading

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Is death penalty a terror deterrent?

Anil Divan (Hindu Business Line dated 22.08.2015) is an eminent lawyer, therefore, I am amazed that he should canvass for exempting ‘even terrorist-convicts, like Yakub Memon, from death penalty for the specious reason that ‘it may not only be ineffective, … Continue reading

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Dear Government, Hands Off My Porn – Says, Shobhaa De

Upto a point, Shoba De is right, but she tries to hijack the debate away, to ‘a kind of taboo on sex as a whole’.    No one has as yet asked to peep into bed-rooms or ban sex, both official and … Continue reading

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The power of pardon

Mr. Raghavan’s (Hindu Business Line – Power of pardon) masterly analysis brings out a very important aspect of ‘the theory of punishment’, but ignores two other vital aspects i.e. that punishment should  also do ‘retributive justice’ by assuaging the feelings … Continue reading

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