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Portrayal of Lord Sri Rama

The birth-day of Sri Rama is being celebrated to-day and to-morrow 25th & 26th March, 2018 Rama was a Treta-yuga avatar of Vishnu, when the unmixed goodness of the earlier Krita (Satya) yuga got diluted by wide-spread wickedness from Indra … Continue reading

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Delightful Karadaiyan Nombu

Must take the opportunity to re-state the rationale of the ‘Nombu’ ritual, as understood by me. ‘Brahman’ (Absolute Reality) for no known reason desired to create the ‘phenomenal Universe’, it meditated, the outcome was ‘heat energy’, which in turn created … Continue reading

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Kalpathy Viswanatha Josier – Descendent of Vaidyanatha Josier of Kandramanickam Village

My father Viswanatha Josier belongs to the family of the eminent Vaidyanatha Josier of Kandramanickam Village, who authored books on Astrology including commentaries on the PHALA-DEEPIKA and the PARASARA-HORA. The family was among the first ones to migrate to Palghat … Continue reading

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Time To Move The Needle From Salman Khan

Typical Suhel stuff, I guessed right as I read para one, itself. He points fingers at three, the media, the people and the judicial system. As for media, Suhel knows better than any one of us that the ‘media’ is … Continue reading

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