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RSS distributed sweets though not guilty, Patel said on Gandhi’s killing

For nearly a thousand years of occupation by Muslims and the British, the voice of the majority Hindu was unheard, suppressed brutally. The Congress helped to free the country but, created vote banks of both the Christians (in Kerala and … Continue reading

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If Prime Minister Modi cannot help to realise our dreams, no one else can !

The Indian context, as I see it, is unprecedented.   The opposition parties are becoming, nationally, irrelevant, except as spokes in the wheel.   Their strategy has been to blackmail the ruling parties in Delhi and get away with murder. … Continue reading

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Do some in 200 million Muslims of India prefer to live in the ‘black-age’ ?

The charging bull is to be held by the horns, precisely what India did to a ‘dirty scoundrel and terrorist’ Yakub Memon. How else can we survive in our own country.   The earlier the Muslims learnt to co-exist with the … Continue reading

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‘Muslim and the City: Flats Rented to Us Become Off-Limits Overnight’ – Viewpoint of 1929

This writer, like everyone else discussing the subject on the media, is over-simplifying the issues. It is a lie that Hindus have any kind of animosity towards Muslims in India or anywhere else.   History will tell you that, India … Continue reading

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