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How Sri Krishna Winds Up Sojourn On Earth

The concluding portions of Srimad Bhagavatham chronicles Sri Krishna’s plans to wind-up his sojourn on Earth to re-establish Dharma. Anxious to wind-up his clan and return to where He belonged, He sets up his own son Samba (with his meddling … Continue reading

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RSS distributed sweets though not guilty, Patel said on Gandhi’s killing

For nearly a thousand years of occupation by Muslims and the British, the voice of the majority Hindu was unheard, suppressed brutally. The Congress helped to free the country but, created vote banks of both the Christians (in Kerala and … Continue reading

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A New India is in the making

The long-pending Humanities vs Science debate in India, fails to recognize the significant and revolutionary transformation happening in Indian societies. Rightly or wrongly, and for whatever reason, both education and knowledge of English – no one can deny its increasing … Continue reading

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Emergency Days: Facts Cannot Become Fiction in R.K.Dhawan’s Hands

Having lived through that period, also well-informed on the politics of those days, I know for sure that it was Indira Gandhi’s power-thirst that imposed the emergency. I knew Dhawan, clearly, his interview is engineered, to rehabilitate the Gandhi- family … Continue reading

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Democracy on Trial

The Indian elections have come and gone. While they gave a very decisive mandate for good and effective governance, sans corruption, it has also thrown a dangerous possibility about our democratic setup itself. The constitutional checks and balances guaranteed the … Continue reading

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