Are dreams meaningless?

Dreams are based on stored memories of past experiences or thoughts/inclinations of multiple lives, reflected in the mind when it is neither fully awake (Jagrat) nor fully at rest (Deep-sleep or SUSHUPTI). Difficult to say if they pre-sage what is to happen, therefore, romanticising dreams is only an easy pastime.


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How Sri Krishna Winds Up Sojourn On Earth

The concluding portions of Srimad Bhagavatham chronicles Sri Krishna’s plans to wind-up his sojourn on Earth to re-establish Dharma.
Anxious to wind-up his clan and return to where He belonged, He sets up his own son Samba (with his meddling friends) to ridicule a group of Rishis on the move.   Samba is made-up as a pregnant woman in advanced stage, paraded before the Rishis,  asked to foretell the sex of the baby.   They predicted immediate delivery  of a steel crow-bar !   They  stripped Samba, had a hearty laugh, the Rishis went their way.
Soon, Samba felt acute pain in the abdomen and delivered the crow-bar.   Terrified,  they took it to the King Ugrasena (Kamsa’s father) and reported details.   The King held council,  ordered to file the bar to powder and spray it into the deep-sea, the short end-piece also thrown into it.
The powder got washed on to the shore, helped to grow blades of grass with razor-sharp edges.   The end-piece was swallowed by a fish, it was caught by a fisherman.   His wife discovered it while cutting it, gave it to the husband, who  passed it on to a hunter -friend, Jara.   He used it as a head-piece on his arrow.
On a hunting expedition, by a misjudgment, he shot at Sri Krishna who was lying on his back on the beach.   Realising the mistake, he rushed to regret the error and help Krishna.   My Lord blessed him for the favour, sent him direct to Heaven, before He gave up the ghost.
Separately, the Yadhavas had an intercinine fight among themselves, after a drinking brawl.   They used the sharp-edged grass as weapon, killed each other.
This scene is getting re-enacted in the Congress, decide for yourself who’s who.
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Indian Farmers Protest is a Farce…

The interesting thing about this whole thing is 1. Agriculture/Farming has long ceased to be a profitable pursuit, inputs are costly, 2. water availablity is uncertain (they mostly opt for water-intensive crops like sugar-cane and plantains), 3. labour needs are intermittent while their costs are prohibitive and labourers are just unavailable when needed, they go for monthly-wage engagements elsewhere.

The co-operative banks do give them loans at ridiculously low interest rates (subsidised by Govt.s), they drink their money out, never re-pay. Recently, the UP CM announced that farm loans will be written off, as the BJP promised in their election manifesto. This provoked DMK (a bunch of stupids) to make political capital and wean away the farm lobby. They funded the agitation, decided the location in Delhi, were under the care and tutelage of the MPs and, true to their Dravidian culture, exhibited the rabbits, nudity, skulls and urine therapy. Jallikkattu waould have added to the fun.

The agitation failed because the GOI is not the decision maker to write-off loans (it is the state govt) Modi and BJP could look the other way. Now they will travel back, hopefully, without tickets, turn against DMK for misguiding them. These people have only brought down the image of Tamilians to the level of tribals

Also, if farming is so nasty, why not surrender the lands for other purposes and cash in to live luxuriously. There is more than meets the eye.

Senior Advocate
Visalakshy, New Kalpathy, Palakkad
T: +04912576652

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`Malayatoor` Ramakrishnan – A Memoir

I had a very unique relationship wit K.V. Ramakrishnan Iyer – popularly known as Malayatoor Ramakrishnan. We had nothing in common, except that his maternal grand-father Doraiswamy Sastrigal (Sanskrit Pandit) was a Kalpathian, living close to where ‘Visalakshy’ is.   We no expectations of each other, therefore, I could be very free and relaxed with him, Vayalar Rama Varma, the poet being  another.
Malayatoor was egoistic, very few could call him by name and he liked it.   He had enormous bureaucratic authority, people around, especially businessmen, took advantage by luring him into wrong ways.   And, he was more comfortable with non-brahmins, since  the Alwaye UC College days, when he got spoiled.   ‘Verugal’ has chronicled this, first hand.   I was introduced to him by S.Gopalan IAS, Labour Secretary (His wife Sarala was also an IAS), who was his neighbour and my admirer.   I was introduced as a Sanskritist, Vedantin and, incidentally a business executive and, Ramakrishnan stuck the ‘Guruji’ on me.
I recall once he told me he was an ‘atheist’, I replied that I was also one, also the Great Sankacharya !   He was stunned and bowled over.   I said the weak needed support, they got it from an imaginary God and, by corollary, if one is strong in mind, one had no use for God.   I supplemented my arguments with Sanskrit quotations and, every time I did, he would fall flat.   Over a period of time, he started admiring me, totally, used to mention personal problems asking for advice.   He was also surprised that while I entertained him at the bar at his request, I would not drink. 
He was very good at sketching and cartooning besides writing popular Malayalam, was sought after by local perodicals.   It was the Mathrubhumi which published in 1965 his ‘Verugal’ in its Malayalam weekly, which brought him fame outside of Travancore.
Once, when he visited our home “Starland”, I said we were planning to visit Guruvayurappan. He quipped ‘ I have been there for work many times, never stepped into the temple’, I said ‘that’s because Guruvayurappan does not want to see you, if he does, you need not go, He will summon you !’.   He laughed.
Some days later, I read in the Mathrubhumi newspaper about a huge mid-night fire accident at Guruvayur temple, and that the Govt. would hold an enquiry by Ramakrishnan, who was Revenue Board Member then.   Malayattoor also called to confirm this, said he was afraid of going alone there especially because he had been ‘summoned’ by The Lord as prophesied by me, wanted me to accompany him.   I agreed, one early morning he came to Starland, I did the make-up for him with Jarika veshti, Vibhuti and Poonal, we both went, were formally received in the Dewaswom GH by the Administrator, the Trichur Collector etc.   The entire time we were there, it was VVIP treatment.   We went round the temple, he came to the conclusion it was electrical short-circuit.   After that, he turned a believer, I think.
This was an utterly simple man, tossed about by sycophants who exploited his multi-skilled abilities, pampered him. led him astray.   Before all was lost, God brought about our acquaintance and, much good happened.   Finally, as I told him many times, ‘ a whole lot of talents was wasted on him’.
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Open Letter to Chief Justice of India – Jagdish Singh Kheha – MOCKERY OF JUSTICE IN INDIA

My Lord,
As a former Advocate and an 88 years old Indian, I have witnessed very closely the happenings in our country since independence,  on the political, economic, social and judicial sectors.   In my view, all sectors have deteriorated very badly to a level where the Nation commands less respect.   I am frustrated that this should happen to our great nation, hence this letter to you.   You may dispose of it in any way you like, I am doing my duty as a responsible citizen to bring my concern to your kind notice’
I blame the Indian judiciary for being a willing contributory to this deterioration.   Over the last few years, people are beginning to suspect the effectiveness of judicial pronouncements at all levels of adjudication, more so of the High Courts and the Supreme Court.   You sentence a Sasikala from Chennai to four years imprisonment on proved corruption charges.   She is in jail, but is being treated as an erstwhile Maharani.   She can have any number of visitors, can hold political conferences with them, convey messages and instructions at will, has a special kitchen to cook her meals, lives a posh life style there.   Is she being punished or rewarded, is my question.   When we see visuals of her life in jail and what actually goes on there, we do envy her lot.   A Sanjay Dutt sentenced for unlicenced arms-keep was similarly treated and prematurely released.   A Sahabuddin is treated as a VIP in jail as a convict.   The grant or denial of bail would appear to vary ‘with the foot of the chancellor’.   Can we not standardise the procedures somewhat, at least to prevent flagrant distortions across the country?   The prevailing impression among people is that, if one has money or influence, almost any purpose can be served.
What kind of impression do these convey to the general public?   Is a court judgment so flimsy as to be negated by the bureaucracy?   Is the Court not feeling a hurt pride to its Majesty, and its motto of ” yatho dharma thathao jayah”?
When the mythological Hanuman was doubting if he had the ability to jump across the waters to Lanka and discover Sita, a Jambavan reminded him of his prowess and Hanuman felt empowered, achieved his task, effortlessly.   Like Jambavan, I am reminding you, you have the power and authority to correct the distortions, just find the will to do it.   The Nation will be grateful, you will be remembered as a redeemer, the Indian Legal System would stand tall and in all its ancient Majesty.
Most respectably.
Advocate (Retd.)
New Kalpathy – PALGHAT.   678003                     Phone:  0491 – 2576652
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Ayodhya Dispute – For Muslims, it is ‘heads I win, tails you lose’.

In constitutional law, there is the ‘ doctrine of occupied field’. Under this, if the central government and the State government are both competent to legislate on a given subject {concurrent jurisdiction), and if both have exercised their rights, then, when contradictory situations arise in implementation, the earlier of the two laws will prevail.

Much the same way, when it is proved, as in the Ayodhya dispute, that there was a Ram temple earlier at the site which was removed to give way to a Mosque later, the balance of convenience is in favour of the temple. This principle is more important than the Hindu, Muslim equation, a basic principle of the ‘rule of law’.

The Supreme Court has now hinted that it will uphold the Allahabad High Court verdict in favour of the temple, if the parties cannot agree mutually on a fair settlement. For the Muslims, it is ‘heads I win, tails you lose’. The Mullahs and clerics do not want to take the blame on themselves, so they ask for a court verdict which, if unfavourable, would not stick to them.

Finally, it is a matter of National pride, Sri Rama is symbolic of our History, Geography and Sociology, His original temple needs to be restored at any cost and, the UP electorate has confirmed this.

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Kalpathy Viswanatha Josier – Descendent of Vaidyanatha Josier of Kandramanickam Village

My father Viswanatha Josier belongs to the family of the eminent Vaidyanatha Josier of Kandramanickam Village, who authored books on Astrology including commentaries on the PHALA-DEEPIKA and the PARASARA-HORA.

The family was among the first ones to migrate to Palghat in the 15th century. Other great descendants were Sitarama Josier, Saptharishi Josier, Ramanatha Josier, Samu Josier and Sankara Josier, my grand-father. Our family was recognised by almost all the Palghat agraharams for matching of horoscopes etc.

Viswanatha Josier had lost both parents while about 12 years, there was no proper care-taker, his elder brother had migrated to Penang. His elder sister had been married to Sri Sarani (Saranyapureswara) Deekshitar, who performed the Somayaga in Kalpathi, around 1929. He advised my father to learn Astrology, the family profession, from the Kodungalloor Maharaja (Valia Kochunni Thampuran) who was a legend, known and respected in S.India. He was running a Gurukulam, also had authored treatises on Astronomy-Astrology related topics. Soon, Viswanatha Josier was with him at Kodungaloor for 12 years, looked after by the Highness as a favourite sishya.

Whereas the Tamilnadu system is based more on tradition (Vakya-panchangam), the Kerala one was based entirely on ‘Ganitham’ i.e. visually observed scientific data. Even to-day, the Kerala and Srirangam Panchangams are slightly different in the matter of details like the star, thithi etc. Reason why we celebrate some festivals on different dates. This affects astrological findings in as much as stars can look changed, the planetary positions and their interpretations can vary significantly etc.

Two other specialities of the Kerala system are the Prasnamarga to decipher the life of a native and the performance of Santhi (pariharas) for inimical planetary conjunctions and ward off likely evils. In Prasanamarga, the astrologer himself has to find both the question that bothers the client and prescribe the answers and remedies. This is unknown to Tamil astrology.

By virtue of his biological inheritance of the Tamil system and the structured learning of the Kerala system from a legendary Guru, my father Viswanatha Josier could synthesise both to great advantage. IN FACT, HE WAS THE FIRST ONE TO DO SO. This made him very popular and famous as THE PALGHAT ASTROLOGER throughout S.India. He was the best ‘predictive astrologer’, sought after by people in high places then. He used to spend most of his professional time in Tamilnadu districts, where he had a vast clientele.

When the second world war started in 1939 and rail travel was curtailed, he stayed back at home, enjoying the fruits of his gains in the form of a huge family and extensive landed properties. Even then, many VIPs used to visit here for consultations, including Sir. R.K.Shanmugham Chettiar, free India’s first Finance Minister.

K.V. Narayanmurti

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