Delightful Karadaiyan Nombu

Must take the opportunity to re-state the rationale of the ‘Nombu’ ritual, as understood by me.
‘Brahman’ (Absolute Reality) for no known reason desired to create the ‘phenomenal Universe’, it meditated, the outcome was ‘heat energy’, which in turn created ‘water’, in turn, it created ‘food’. (Chand. Upa. 6 – 2 – 1 to 3 and Taitt. Upa 2 – 6 – 4).   Prof. Einstein established the same process in his famous E = mc2.
The Sun is the repository of all the energy of the Universe, the driving force behind it.   Its influence on Earth is oscillating across the year taken to go around it and the trajectory.   This, in turn, creates the seasons.   The Sun is God, made visible across the Universe ( NAMAH SAVITHRE JAGADEKA CHAKSHUSHE) and, women being the ones charged by Nature to bring out life offer homage to Sun at the precise time He transits to the Pisces (Meena) constellation.   The summer starts with this followed by the fury of its heat.
Above is a response to a comment by Mohan Murti…
As I write this, most round pot (or, beer) bellied Tamil Iyer Mama`s around the globe would either be chewing `after tiffin` vetrilai pakku or,  preparing to gobble up  a sumptuous fill of the delicious Karadayan Nonbu with white butter.

The already dieting Tamil Iyer Mamis` must have been following the strict vratham and prayers for the well-being and longevity of the Mamas. I have no problem with this. In fact, I too am awaiting the delicious, gourmet treat, after the Sun downs…
I do not want to sound patronising but, as as a mark of respect, sign of acknowledgement and the deep urge of “unmitigated communion” to say “thank you”, I put a small patch of sacred manjal on my `poonal` and uttered the simple words “thank you”!
Here`s my question – In the modern day Tamil Iyer Mamis`, are equally or more qualified academically, compared to the Mamas. They are also, breadwinners. Perhaps, the Tamil Iyer Mama too, must dedicate a day of `Vratham` and prayers for the longevity of the Mami ?
Enjoy Karadaiyan Nombu!

About 1929 Viewpoint - An Octogenarians Voice - K.V.Narayanmurt

1929 Viewpoint - An Octogenarians Voice - K.V.Narayanmurt is a tribute to our father, the genius! Born in New Kalpathy (Palghat) into a traditional Hindu family, Shri. K.V. Narayanmurti went on to do a Bachelor’s degree in english literature and then went on to law school. His father was a renowned Sanskrit scholar and Josier (Astrologer) , who learnt under the Travancore Maharaja for 12 years. Under his father’s guidance Shri Narayanmurti learnt Sanskrit and at a very young age knew the verses and subtleties of Bhagavat Gita and became an admirer of Lord Shri Krishna. In fact, father and son carried on conversations/debates in Sanskrit using verses, each trying to out do the other. Shri Narayan Murti held Board level position and worked very closely with the Larsen and Tubro founders, Mr. Henning Holck-Larsen and Mr. Soren Kristian Toubro, knowing both Danes, personally. Later, he went on to work for GEC as Managing Director of their wholly-owned subsidiary Indian Transformers Limited. After retirement, Shri Narayanmurti went on to set up a legal practice in Corporate Laws. Life Membership at the Vidya Bhavan had him guiding them with starting the Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, while also being a professor at Vidya Bhavan teaching courses on Indian Culture to industrial relations. He continuously bought books on wide range of topics from Vedanta to Hindu Philosophy and had a library of over 3000 books, many of which he read and gifted to family and friends. Very knowledgeable in south Indian Classical music and an ardent fan of the greats like M.D. Ramanathan and Madurai Mani Iyer, he was very active in organizing the Festival of India Series in Cochin for a number of years. He has read and reveiwed a number of books for The India Express. A savvy investor, Narayanmurti has also has turned around many companies and businesses. He continues to be a formal and informal advisor to several industrialist and government bureaucrats heading major organizations often getting involved in resolving very complex issues in corporate laws and industrial relations. He is a seasoned negotiator and has tackled very tough/complex situations very successfully especially in the areas of labor management and unions. His performance in the law college earned him a rank and also the admiration of many professors and law students who later continued their relationship, as they became eminent jurists in the State High Courts and Supreme Courts. He has a wide network of admirers’ world over.
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